Author, Agberndifor Evaristus M.E.

Evaristus is a Cameroonian & scholar. He is a member of the PeaceAids International. His literary works includes his recent book titled; African Politics: Deceptions of the occult and Witchcraft.
In this book, the Author has rightly describe the deception of occults and witchcraft in African politics from two argumentative viewpoint.
The PeaceAids acknowledge your efforts and celebrate you as one of our personality member making change through your literary work and education. Keep doing the great work towards a more fairer and peaceful world. Congratulations Mr. Abgerndifor Evaristus.

Kindly follow the synopsis of the book below.
“Sixty years after independence, we are still not independent because our leaders serve a god they don’t know”. 

Understanding African traditional culture is good but having a proper understanding of the endogenous and exogenous, not forgetting the black legs within that continuously attack and oppose Africa’s rise is an imperative.
Book cover page.
African is highly heterogeneous meaning a single country like Cameroon and Nigeria, may have up to 275 different ethnic groups and tribes all distinct from the other in dialect, culture and traditions. It’s based on these traditional differences and sometimes the mystical happenings that individually define them that the dilemma about African witchcraft claims the spoil. The argument whether these practices should be aborted by the state through the necessary legislations or should be kept is fierce between different groups. What is more interesting to know is that even those legislators who might vote hypocritically to abolish these traditional societies are themselves adepts and sometimes even grand masters of some. Therefore, the subject is contempt to remain a discourse worth deliberating about.
The degree to which each society practices their magical powers through ‘tradition’ as its referred to, refines the accounts of oral history which details that over the years these same practices much detested today thanks to the proliferation of Pentecostal churches and others, were once, the guardians and custodians of the African patriarch. Alas, the arrival of the Westerners with a god and religion much different from those of Africans put the entire territorial integrity of Africa in danger. With a civilization a little advanced that those of Africans they were able to impose their Western type occult practices in their former colonies which have worked hard over the decades to become the ladders of ascension in any domain in life. Fortunately, the African man was able to say no to homosexuality which forever remains a serious taboo and abomination.
For centuries the African ancestry under this colonial meshwork has fought hard to serve this strange, racist and very biased god of the Western occult societies some identified as Freemasonry, The Rose Cross, The Knight Templers, and Eckankar; all to no avail. However, the obedience and allegiance this god demands from its adepts especially its African adepts are phenomenal. Yet, the fruits of their obedience are not forthcoming and may never come for as long as the ruling minority continues to rely on these sects for what must be qualified to as egocentric power. Meanwhile, their Western counterparts who are themselves worshipers of these same gods cannot help claiming the spoils. Back in their countries they develop greatly and occultists have a great place in the running of the state for the good of the masses. The Freemasons founded the United States of America and worked selflessly to build the most powerful nation on earth. In France, the Freemasons are fighting hard to make their voices heard by proposing bills and legislations that will allegedly make France a great nation. In the French revolution, the Freemasons did all to prevent the eternal reign of the monarchy and paid the ultimate price to institute democracy. However, the situation is the reverse in Africa because the occultists do not deliver the goods as their counterparts do elsewhere.
So then, could this god of the Western forms of the occult and witchcraft be the problem that besets Africa’s turbulent rise or is the problem from within? To answer this question two angles could be looked at. Firstly, its assumed that just maybe the retrogressive development of Africa is as a result of a select few kleptocracy who holding unto power with much wickedness have taken these cults hostage to serve their personal wills than to satisfy the masses who look up to them. Secondly, just maybe the African members to these cults are not told the whole truth and worse, not shown the full (so called) “light” they seek. It’s believed that whosever goes to these cults seeks the light which will permit him to become more valuable and useful to his community. In the West it’s possible and the results cannot be denied but in Africa, the reverse is true. If African leaders and members of these Western cults are deficient in both the so called knowledge and the light of development and innovation then their multiple sermons of national integration and emergence are a farce and they fly shamefully away in the face of reality. Just maybe their continuous service to their Western godfathers proves the first point. They are simply up there not for the masses but for themselves.
Accessing Africa after sixty years of a cosmetic independence questions the authenticity and original intents of these satanic cults as seen by many. If until now things are not fine and African states cannot get their heads out of the turbulent waters, then its high time African states dealt with these cults once and for all. If no change is coming to their countries despite their adherence to these cults which on the contrary leaves them impounded in modern slavery, then for sure African leaders have been actively worshipping a god they know nothing about. Sadly, it’s hypothesized that this god himself might not even give a damn about its African subjects whatever the case might be.
Though a hard pill to swallow, the solution might be to return to the doctrines and worships of their ancestors. But wait!! These also have flaws and many consider them to be demonic and scanty of reason. In that case the final solution which has been tested and proven by many is for the entire Africa to define its worship to the one and only Saviour of mankind, the Lord Jesus Christ. To achieve this they must by His Word made flesh develop a revelation of him that must be free from Western interferences and recommendations. Let Him be the God of the Africans in a capacity fit for them and let Him reveal Himself to them in a way that matches their current and future challenges. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the father except through him. In the past kings ruled their countries through the power and directions of the Almighty God and prevailed. The same is true today and Zambia has proven it many times. Yes! it still works and that power is readily available for those who care.
But I tell you unless you repent you shall likewise perish! (Luke 13 vs 3).