History of PAI


The PeaceAids International came into being as a United Nations model organization at the time when it’s necessary for a global and distinctive peace movement. It was started as a project and campaign in Ghana led by Promise Edem Nukunu with support from the following people in the limelight;
Joshua Adjah (who was the project coordinator) and Godwin Seglah. The campaign which was under the name ‘’PeaceAid Ghana project’’ was then thought necessary to transform it to a global organization under a distinctive name hence PeaceAids International.

The PeaceAids International gain it legal recognition status as an International Organization in Ghana and with the recognition by the United Nations(UN) country office in Ghana as well.

PeaceAids International is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental organization registered and incorporated in Ghana as an International organization under the Companies Act of 1963 (Acts 179), and with United Nations (UN) recognition on May 10, 2016, with registration number CG007862016. PeaceAids International (PAI) is a UN model organization and which is also based on the common vision of a United Nations (UN) and the Organization of Africa Unity (OAU), the European Union and on the need to build a partnership between governments and all segments of civil society, in particular women, youth and the private sector, in order to strengthen solidarity and cohesion among individuals. It focuses on the promotion of peace, security and stability on the continent as a prerequisite for the implementation of the development and integration agenda of the organization.

It has its member states in both Africa and seven (7) European countries including the Americas.