Main Organs/Executives

The PeaceAids International

1. Secretariats:
The secretariats which is the highest decision body and led by the leader known as the Secretary-General is responsible for the day-to-administration of the organization. The secretariats is made up of the following positions:

v  Secretary-General
v  Deputy Secretary-General
v  International Relations-Secretary
v  Head of Operations
v  Financial Secretary

2. Regional Chairpersons and Directors
The Regional Chairpersons refers to the various heads of the regions of PAI. The are the regional heads of their region and responsible for implementation and day-to-day administration of the region. The Directors refers to the sub-regions created under the various regions of PAI. The Chairpersons report to the secretariats on issues regarding the regions.

3. General Assembly (GA).
The General Assembly is decision and deliberation body for PAI. They are responsible for approving budgets for the organization and decision on eminent issues affecting the organization. It’s made of all the various member states national presidents and or their delegation/representatives as chosen by the said member states to represent. The General Assembly is led by the Secretary-General as the speaker.

4. Executive Council
The Executive council is made of the Secretariats and the Regional Chairpersons.
They meet often to discuss issues regarding the organization. It also serve as the decision making body and make sure the decision taken by the General Assembly is implemented for the organization.  The executive coordinator serves as the secretary to the council and the secretariats as well.

PAI is made up of the following committees under the Secretary-General;
Committee for;
1. Media and Publicity
2. Sponsorship/Funding and proposal drafting
3. Strategic planning and development
4. Research and Education

N/B: Various committees shall be form as to when the need arises.


Promise Edem Nukunu
Promise Edem Nukunu is a Ghanaian and currently, The Secretary-General and Head of the Executive Council of PeaceAids International, Edem is a published Author with two books namely: DRIVING INTO GREATNESS-Reaching out for global relevance and perpetuity and FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM which he co-authored with Prince Kofi Amoabeng.
He is a Medical Journalist, Social Enterprise Consultant and Head of strategy/Training/Registry unit; CedarHill Education and Research Institute (   
Edem Nukunu has address wide range of audience both in Ghana and Internationally.As well as led numerous advocacy projects and programs.
He was the lead Speaker of MasterMind Revolution.
He studied Social Entrepreneurship from the Global Strategic Institute/Hewlett Packard Life University with a major in corporate governance, Ethics and business Law. As well as holds a professional cert. In Global Social Entrepreneurship from Philanthropy University, (U.S.A).
He received training in Entrepreneurship and Management from JATI (Ghana)/Univ. of Agric. Sci., Tafo.
In 2015, He served as a lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Customer relation at VIP Vocational Training College, an accredited center for Ghana National Vocational training institute.
His works/interest area includes Medical research, Human Rights, Women empowerment, community development in the area of Education, International policies,  Countering violent extremist, Peace advocacy and conflict resolutions.

Siphiwe Mhlanga
Siphiwe Mhlanga is a Zimbabwean and she is currently, the Deputy Secretary-General of PeaceAids International. She is a business consultant /Entrepreneur and work with Siplaw Trading - PVT LTD Company.
She served as the Operations Director of Makokoba Health Care Initiative.
Siphiwe is studying LLB. Law at the University of South Africa.
 Her Area of focus/Interest lies in Human Right and right of children, Peace, political stability and advocacy.

Therence Atabong NJUAFAC
Therence Atabong NJUAFAC is a Cameroonian and lives in Turkey. Currently, he is an Executive Council Member and the International Relations-Secretary and also acting as the European Regional Head, PeaceAids International.
He holds a Masters degree in International Relations and Political Science and a PhD student in the same field. 
He has been the General Coordinator and Adviser of ASAT (African Students Association in Turkey) and while at the same period was the coordinator and Adviser for Cameroon Students in Istanbul-Turkey.
In 2014, he served as The President of International Students at Istanbul Aydin University in 2014, as well as served as the  Students Representative to the Faculty of Education and Central Administration-University of Buea.
Atabong worked as a Foreign Affairs Specialist with Basaran/Mavi Deniz company, and with AC Nielsen Company.
His focused interest is International relations and diplomacy. He has a wide research capacity in Peace, Conflict and International policy. He has done lots of publications and the viral being "Dynamics of Turkey-Africa Relations in the 21st Century.

Ngwa Gwendoline Ngwe is a Cameroonian and lives in U.K, London.
Gwendoline Ngwe (Executive Coordinator)
She is currently the Executive coordinator/Secretary of PeaceAids International.
She holds a Masters degree in International Relations and Conflict management from the Kingston University, London.
She served at the Save the Children,an organization in U.K.
Gwendoline has facilitated a number of projects and initiatives both in Africa and International. Her keen research area is in Human Rights/right of children and humanitarian law, Countering terrorism and violent extremist, Women issue and as well as Conflict management.

Faustus Azerigyik (Financial-Secretary)
Faustus Azerigyik is a Ghanaian and currently, he serve as the Financial-Secretary of PeaceAids International. He has a professional degree in Chartered Health economics from the American Academy of Financial Management (U.S.A). And a cert. from Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM). He is a member of several professional bodies and among them is Association of Certified Chartered Economist. Faustus is also a scientist and had his BSc. in Biochemistry from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) and his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree in Molecular and Cell Biology of Infectious Diseases from West Africa Centre of Cell Biology and Infectious Pathogens, University of Ghana. Currently, he serves as a research Assistance at Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR)-Ghana. His research interest and passion includes Humanitarian needs, Biomedical in area of identification of markers of infectious pathogens and diseases and vaccine development. He also have strong passion for public health advocacy, rule of law, community service and the need to be agent of change in the society.

Mpome Rene Samuel is currently the Head of Operations of PeaceAids International. 
He holds a BSc. in TeleCom Engineering from Collège Protestant de Ngaoundéré/National Protestant College, Cameroon and lives in Cameroon. 
His focus area is IT, Women's right ,Peace Advocacy, Youth capacity building and strengthening of Justices systems.