Thursday, 7 July 2016



In The Name of God Almighty/Allah, the first ever convened PAI-EUROPE Executive meeting which was scheduled on June 29 at 21:00 Turkish time or at 18:00 GMT took into effect promptly with even some members taking their seats before time. The Online platform went off without any fear despite the Istanbul Atatürk Airport Bombing, a town/county where most of the Executive are residence.
The Agenda of the meeting was made known earlier to all seating members so as to get everyone ready for the meeting and to save time also. It stated thus; (Pls see attachment)

With the general awareness that every member has received the agenda, minutes were observed for in-depth understanding of each point stated before going into the full detail of the agenda since we are the ones to make the PAI Europe branch a success .These minutes was also observed to allow others who were not at the start to meet up with everybody.
After a careful digestion of the agenda, it was applauded by some member like the president of PAI-Turkey Miss Tukar, acting as a member at the meeting since the official installation had not yet taken into effect. With a hand up signal by a majority of the seating members that the agenda is concise without any unclear points, the green light was giving for the effective commencement of the meeting.

Point one: A Word from the Chairman

The Honorable Chairman of the Region Mr. Therence Atabong Njuafac, welcomed every member at the meeting as he also officiated the Meeting. He told every executive member of the Branch to bear in mind that we are the backbone of this Region, and  the success greatly depend on the effective execution of the designated duties and responsibilities accorded to each Executive Committee Member (EXCOM) which he later installed. His words were applauded and he went to the second point on the Agenda.

Point two: Introduction of PAI Objectives/Mission.

In his natural charismatic and leadership insights, he also welcome his EXCOM and raises the point that he is most delighted that distinguished individuals were chosen as EXCOM, meaning that each and every individual is gifted in a particular way and such gifts we are to harnessed it to make PAI a workable Organization as we all jointly attend the Objectives as giving below.(Pls see the Group Chat for the Objectives/Mission(O/M)). You can also see the objectives in PAI constitution
As his nature, Mr. Chairman gave minutes for the above O/M to be read and deliberate upon if there is any uncertainty within the O/M. Since this was the first and a preparatory EXCOM meeting, much longer time was observed here to better understood every step we took which will enable us to direct PAI-EUROPE. A general Signal by hands was raised to denote that each point on the O/M is understood and this took us to the third point.

Third point: Duties of the Executives

Before we commenced on this clause, we the EXCOM took upon ourselves to introduce ourselves to the other EXCOM where our fields of specialties and place of residence or schooling were mentioned. It All started with our Honorable chairman from Istanbul, Kwiyenne Vega from Ankara as the Secretary of PAI, then myself Augustine Ngulefac as the Public/International Relations Secretary from Ankara, SelenTukar as Administrative Coordinator from Istanbul, GwendolineNgumNgwa  as PAI General Secretary Secretary from UK, and the lists continued while some could not ushered themselves as they went for prayers. The EXCOM then greeted every one and also welcomed those that came from praying. The EXCOM also gave a general signal of their proper understanding of the O/M of PAI and their willingness to attend such O/M. With this assurance, we then moved to the next point
For the maximization of time and after knowing the EXCOM, their duties and responsibilities were to be forwarded to our personal mailing address.

Point Four: Duties of National Heads

By National Heads we were referring to the individual countries in Europe. Each of these countries will be headed by a leader known as a president. Duties of National Head were also to be forwarded via mailing address.

Point Five: Creation of Branches within the Region and at the National Level

As EXCOM in Europe, PAI is also going to creates branches in these individual countries within Europe. Each Region is also going to have Sub Branches as well. These Branches within each country is to be answerable to its President who is also going to be reporting his or her development to the Regional EXCOME. Such responsibilities officially commence henceforth.
Point Six: Adding of Members into the Platform(s)
Each EXCOM independently of his or her platform and region was charged with a proactive tendency to their stated roles and also active in adding new member and to make the European Region the best, the Chairman gave such reality to the EXCOM with their pro-activeness. At this point, the issue of language barrier was reduced my  giving each branch the upper hand to use their official Language but their governing board should have some English speaker who can channel reports to the main EXCOM in English.  Every EXCOM could also add members in the European PAI

Point Seven: Way Forward for PAI-Europe

The floor was made open for EXCOM to propose way forward for PAI –Europe. This was linked to point Eight

Point Eight: Legalization of PAI-Europe and it National Branches.

 Legalizing was the first point to be raise both at national and Regional Level .Some Lawyers and experts were also consulted with first hand documents to achieve it legalization. PAI-Europe will also move forward by concretizing it legalization with field works. Other EXCOM also proposed presentation that is particularly aligned to our O/M

Point Nine: Respect of Rules and Regulations

The EXCOM as the running body of PAI-Europe is to be governed by regulated norms which are abiding to all members; as such, no EXCOM was allowed to “kick Off” another EXCOM  point of view or proposal in the general platform.
Also, it was agreed during the meeting that, in case of any problem between or among EXCOM, such issue(s) should be table to the general Council to deliberate on the issue(s)
Members were also encouraged to be active because there are the ones to make PAI-Europe to work.

Point Ten: Activeness at the Regional and National Platforms

As per the chairman and with his desire to see this group distinguishes itself from other Organizations, he urges us to be very active in reacting and giving positive comments and feedbacks to every matter that is been discussed at both the Regional and National Branches. He reinstated that EXCOM should take their duty and responsibilities very passionate for realistic results that is so desire of the group 

Point Eleven: List of EXCOM

At this very junction, the very group of EXCOM that will be subsequently installed as the PAI –Europe Regional EXECUTIVE BOARD were listed here and comprises the following;

1.      Chairman-Therence Atabong Njuafac
2.      Administrative Coordinator-Miss Selen Tutar
3.      General Secretary- Gwendoline Ngum Ngwa
4.      Deputy GS –Elma Hadzimuhovic
5.      Head of Operations- Kwiyenne Vega
6.     Public and International Relations Secretary- 
      Augustine Ngulefac
7.      Financial Secretary-Ayan Isse Farah

However these are not the only EXCOM of PAI- Europe as more will be installed as the group continues to expand. There is also a distinct position as the President of Turkey and in this case, a daughter of the land Honorable Miss Salen Tukar was crowned as first eve to execute such post
Point twelve: Installation of the EXCOM
On behave of PeaceAids International and the Secretariats, the Chairman officially declared the above names as the EXCOM of PAI-Europe and with unending believe that such a vibrant EXCOM will attain the O/M of the group. While assuring the EXCOM that official letters ensuring their posts and responsibilities will be prepare and distributed accordingly, he also used that opportunity to encourage teamwork between and among the EXCOM.
Our Official website was also distributed to the group as: and with the email:
The efforts of the Chairman to coordinate the first and ever general EXCOM meeting was greatly appreciated by all EXCOM and he also congratulated his executive and the meeting came to the final end for the session.

By: Augustine Ngulefac

Public and International Relations Secretary of PAI-EUROPE